A real Gem.

John Turner
Level 2
1 year ago

I honestly have to say this is the most fun I have had in a game for quite a while. After feeling thoroughly kicked in the teeth by Cyberpunk 2077 this has been a welcome breath of fresh air. Amazing how a game is inversely proportional to the amount of hype it receives. When this popped up on Game Pass I was intrigued and am very glad I downloaded it. I think that there is a hint of something nostalgic in the graphics and presentation that reminds me of some of my favorite CRPGs from back in the day. I really like the dice based battle system as It is a real change from seeing  "X% chance to hit`. It just feels more involved relying on a good dice roll somehow. 

Anyhoo,keep up the good work :)

I miss the days before Nostalgia.