A question...

2 years ago

Can players create campaigns for us to go on?  I know it's early but was curious if this is something that would be available later on.  Would be so cool to meet up with players here once or twice a week to play with our characters, etc.

2 years ago

Anyone one got ideas or thoughts on the above?

Level 14
2 years ago (edited)

In a way yes, 

You can create multiple modules and link them togather via entry/exits,  which are kinda like NWN Area Transitions. 

Right now though the function is bugged and can corrupt and destroy both modules you do it with. Also it creates all kinds of hinkiness with treasures in chests spawning in the other module and monsters spawning dead. 

So its there, but needs to be fixed currently. 

Its been bug reported so they know about it.