A proper deity for Oath of Tirmar paladin?

Level 10
3 weeks ago (edited)

Ok, let's look at what a canonical Oath of Tirmar paladin would be. From what I can read, one should be "obsessed with their arch-enemies". I suppose following this Oath in a "true" style means to choose to eliminate Soraks even at the expense of demolishing nature, breaking laws, killing innocents or helping undeads. Now let's see what deities do we have as available options for paladins (I'll keep it simplified, I know they are actually more complex):

  1. Arun - elements, nature above civilisation. Nothing to do with Soraks, or with evil at all, at least directly. But the need to respect nature might get in the way.
  2. Einar - valor, law, "good shall have fists" kind of vibes. This one is closer and would appreciate killing evil creatures like Soraks. But this deity seems to be one that appreciates abiding rules, saving people in need and eliminating all the (other) evil more than doing whatever it takes to terminate Soraks in particular. A lot of things to prevent a devoted paladin of Oath of Tirmar from going for that Oath's main goal, and a lot of extra tasks which only distract from it.
  3. Maraike - life, life-death circle, duality. In this context she is similar to Einar, but with less pros and more strict cons. Saving people from Soraks is ok, but her emphasis is on "saving people", not on "from Soraks". Motivation against Sorack is more vague and obstacles seem even more strict.
  4. Pakri - knowledge, justice and law. Seem to have less potential conflicts of interests, as there is not much in killing Soraks which can do knowledge wrong. But something can potentially go against the law, and the need to preserve justice and seek knowledge are yet more distractions. Plus, this time there is no motivation for her to dislike Soraks to the extent of blessing a military crusade with the aim to make them extinct.

Now, I don't expect Tactical Adventures to necessarily edit major lore points on the fly just because of someone's single post on the forum, not to mention additional developers' resources. Consider it a feedback which can lead to nothing and I would accept it. But maybe it's still possible to consider adding a minor deity to Solasta's pantheon which won't have much impact on other sides of the game. Or maybe I'm just wrong or don't see something others do - in which case I welcome you to discuss it and show me what I've missed or misinterpreted.