A mighty long list of possible features

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A mighty long list of possible and not possible features...(there will be some repeating and some features will naturally not fit into this game.)

Shared to create even more inspiration.

Climbing over boulders, climbing a rock face /mountain/hill.
Jumping over things. Jump onto monsters.
Climbing up the outside of a building by using natural areas to climb on.
Perhaps giving a risk of falling down based on some kind of dexterity.

The advantage of high ground and disadvantage of low ground.
Throwing bombs in an arc - calculating how to through just right.

Freezing a waterfall.
Making holes in the ground with astroids through magic.
Freezing a monster to then steal its weapons etc. Making it easier to beat.
Freezing ground and then using a water spell to through the water onto the frozen ground hitting the enemies stronger because of it.

Spell book with discoveries of new spells as one tries various combos one will also learn of certain that create stronger effects and it will be automatically noted in the spell book.
Map book with pins to where one can create notes.

Nighttime vision spell to improve vision during the night.
Different torches and spells to improve the torch light or create a light.

Fighting combos. By pressing certain keys to create fighter style combos. It will create melee battles a little more interesting.

I noticed grass that moves in a video. What about armor, capes that move in the wind, or moves as the character moves. (User can turn it on or off.)
Some random movement of a walking character. Random sounds.
Smoke, fog, running water, wind, moving grass, flying birds and other smaller animals moving around.

Move viewing camera around to different angles. Save camera angles. To quickly switch to in battle or other situations where one wants a specific view angle.
For instance one can save a view angle that shows up when firing a missile weapon.
etc. Interesting to change around the viewing angle. As if it was a movie.

Option setting. Entering a dungeon one can choose difficulty setting.

After having finished a dungeon having an option to view the last battle as if one had turned on the screen recorder. Selecting sections to save and what to just delete.
A rewind button..:) and play the scene again.

Inventory based on kind of article one finds. Having a tab light up to show that something new has been added to the tab.
Option to keep weapons different places on the body. Sleeve, boot etc.
See effects directly on the paper doll in addition to the isometric view.
Potions, spells that make the character change. Strength potion/spell that makes the character gain bigger muscles for a while. One can see the effect as long as it lasts.
For instance stone armor... sees the effect on the character.
Speed spell that creates a blur behind the character like the Flash tv series hero.

Boots of flying....

Rope... and using it in different situations. Capture monsters etc.


If the full army comes too close the character will likely die as he/she is flanked from side and behind and can not defend himself as good as when the army comes from the front. Flanking bonus and attach from behind bonus will then go to the monsters.

This means one should quickly attach the flank of the monster army. Take out as many as possible and then pull back before being surrounded by the army.

If one knows the army is coming ahead of time then the character can have time to plan on how to meet the army. Meaning.
- The character can select a high ground location to attack from using distance weapons. As high ground distance weapons go farther then attacking from low ground. Arrows, bolts, throwing daggers, bombs, spells etc. But it is also good to have an escape route to recharge manna, stamina etc. And then attach again from the flank. Once again the character when meeting an army must be sure not to be surrounded or else the likelihood of being killed becomes so much higher.

Other methods or ways of battling could be.
Get a bonus for using only mele weapons, or spells, or other distance weapons.
Dragon Age had medals for accomplishing various tasks, creating specific spells, using specific weapons, finishing specific quests etc. This was kinda interesting. One could extend this. When one has done something special the next time on creates or trades specific items could be accessible.

Bottom line is that different situations require different ways of handling. Some ways work better then other ways. Creating a more unique experience. Learning how to play well can take a bit of experience.

Btw Standing in water shooting with lightning is a bad idea as it would also affect the character. Shooting with fire the character should not walk into the fire he creates as he would also take damage.
There could also be visible lightning, fire damage etc showing on the enemies and character.


High ground. Throwing an electric (fishing) net hitting/capturing multiple enemies. As one needs to time it to capture as many as possible. They will then be stunned and damaged for a few rounds before being able to break free. It can be a way for the character to hold some enemies away for a little while while dealing with other enemies.

On high ground. Climbing a rock etc. The character could jump onto a group of enemies knocking them down being able to easier handle them as they are knocked down.
Knocked down, stunned or other ways enemies are not able to easily defend themselves the character will get huge bonuses to hit and damage.


Map. A good mapping system with points of interest based on what happened at various places.

Go on top of a edge and throw bombs for greater range and to view a longer distance.

Range weapons:
- Make your own Bombs/knives/bolts/arrows with lightning, poison, fire etc and use spells on your bombs as well to make them have more effect.

Regarding elements plus:
- Lightning in water gives damage and stuns.
- Water and ice freezes and gives extra length of the freeze time.
- Frozen enemies can easier be broken by hits or by spells such as knockdown, or earth knock element. (Could be a spell that throws rocks in an expanding circle around the spell caster.)

- Oil from a bomb or spell and then fire burns more in a wider area and longer.

Cloaks flapping as one walks.
Hiding in the grass. Enemies have a view range and direction.

Quest that has with snicking past enemies.
Perhaps even listening in om them to learn something about them. One will need to have a lore skill or something to understand their language.

Pet Falcon. Have it scout ahead.

Portals to be transported back to various towns or locations. Using one of the underground caves as a base of operations. Setting up camp there. Teleporting back to base of operations in that area.

Connecting with NPC's along the way. Some might join for periods of time. Some might steal some of your stuff and run away in the night. All of them will have their own agendas for joining up for shorter periods.


Element areas
water, fire, lightning + air, earth, liquid (could be water, oil other), metal, life, drain, sleep etc. Could be mixed in different ways to create a stronger effect or lessor effect if mixed wrong. When one mixes correctly and tries a new spell combination (spells after each other that creates a stronger effect - kinda like it did in Dragon Age) then a note can automatically be added to the spell book saying something like combining the oil spell with fire creates a huge boost to the fire. This way as a player one learns about how spells effects each other and which ones are better to be used in combination.


I am thinking that a few backers will want to begin modding even before the intitial game is released. Doing so will then actually open up for various types of multiplayer and gamer created games before the actually game has been released. Including a section in the game for user created games. This is a good way for backers that are really good at creating to have their own created material in the game. Be it a new spell, sword, monster, or various types of games.

Btw There are various spell types. What about combat moves? Click a key on the keyboard to use a specific combat move and follow through with another press of a key. This way one could combine combat moves similar to how one could combine spells. Creating a stronger effect or if combining the wrong moves/spells weaken the effect.

When using logic from earlier experience of Kickstarter campaigns...
PayPal has opened for new backers to join. Just after the Kickstarter campaign ends you guys will send out an update with a pledges will continue on our site and backers can continue to adjust their pledges and new backers can join in for a month or two. Still being able to continue the campaign but this time on your own web site.

I know a few campaigns have used Backerkit to help with pledges etc.

I think that is it for now.

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NO WAY!!!!! Solasta is a 5e games and must use the rules! More accurate to the rule best is the game!

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Wow, that is quite a brainstorm of ideas. 

Just two quickies :
- the Darkvision spell will be used as "night-vision" (devs mentioned it)
- Find Familiar or a ranger's familiar, as per D&D rules, could scout ahead, distract to help a rogue, etc.

@mauro.sartori : no problem. Some of the suggestions in that brainstorm can respect the rules. The devs will certainly do their best for that!  But note that D&D 5 rules are purposefully light and incomplete.  Many aspects can be completed by the DM based on the situation, role-play, etc.  An electric or frost spell cast on enemies in water can have extra effect as per the DM judgement. 

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There is some interesting stuff here