A leg up for dwarven legs

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2 months ago

I would like to talk about legs. Dwarven legs in particular. 

But first, in case if I missed this information, - do the races in the game have their own models, or they all share resized human frame?
In the later case my wall of text would be largely irrelevant, so I hope it is the former.

Does anyone else find that the legs of the currently shown dwarf model are too long and too thin for the dwarves?
It is especially noticeable in the tight leather outfit here:

This pair of legs - fine in other respects - would fit a human or a half-elf, maybe even a halfling, but not a dwarf.
In my opinion, sturdy dwarven legs should be both a bit shorter and much thicker.

These representational pictures are from 3/3.5E PHB, but I'd bet a longbeard against a naked chin that dwarven outlook has not changed since then.
You can see the size or dwarven legs in relation to their torsos.

Also let me quote the description of dwarves from "Races of Stone" rulebook:
"Dwarves are naturally dense, compact creature. They <...> have the breadth and depth of creatures nearly twice their height.
Their arms are long for their height, their hands reaching down nearly to their shins. Their torsos are in proportion to their height, though, as are their legs.
Both males and females are heavily muscled, with thick, well-rounded limbs and broad shoulders and hips."