A few suggestions

Level 3
1 year ago
  1. A toggle to show the range of a character's vision radius (normal, darkvision), and/or light (or darkness) radius.
  2. The ability to undo movement. This is more a QoL. I'm fine in committing movement but if you'd allow this, it'd be okay too.
  3. When you view the description of a crafting recipe, allow us to see the crafted item's properties (For example, I see a recipe for Wardenblade, I don't know what that is other than the fact that it's a rapier/sword) . This will allow us to make an informed purchase for a crafting recipe. I know that save scumming is an inconvenient work around to this, but I'd prefer the description.
  4. Allow us to see a the description of a spell in a scroll. This will allow us an informed decision when scribing into a spellbook. Similar to the crafting suggestion.
  5. A container reorder button would be nice.
Level 14
1 year ago


Typos happen. More so on the phone.