A few suggestions

Level 6
4 months ago

First -- really great game, hope to see even more modules in the future.  Requests and recommendations:

1. Make a generic intro for characters that don't fit thief archetype.  I made a party with two wizards and for some reason my academic greenmage was skulking around with some lowlife called Liam.

2. Necromancer's tower.  I made my first party silver tongued talkers and I couldn't fail a persuasion check on the necromancy master to save my life.  I don't see why my chaotic good character -- who doesn't care about any stinking badges -- doesn't have an option to say: "die, foul necromancer"!

3. Allow us to limit how much food we gather.  My first party was staving all the time but my second party was gorging itself on goodberries and mushrooms to the point that at least one character was inevitably burdened during random encounters.

4. Give us more feedback on inaccessible places.  There was one basket in Caer Lem that was driving me nuts.  Potions, jump, nothing could get me there.  Until I realized I needed to make an athletic, acrobatic character.  Something like "acrobatics level too low" would saved me some frustration.

5. Sir Robin was right -- sometimes it's best to run away.  We should get xp points for being sneaky combat avoiders.  The vampire in the necromancy tower was wiping my level 4 party out time and time again -- until I realized that I needed the sunlight spell and / or flaming sphere.  So I went traveling just to run into randos until I could level up.

4 months ago

Something like "acrobatics level too low" would saved me some frustration.

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