A few suggestions

Level 3
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5 months ago (edited)

On my second playthrough of the EA, and the honeymoon phase is over, I'm now looking at this critically. Here are some of my suggestions:

  1. NPC character models need more variation. The head of the scavengers and my halfling rogue look the same down to the clothing, as do 2 members of the council and others. It would be nice to see a little variation in character design, so everyone doesn't look pallet swapped. 
  2. Rework character customization. Maybe this is because we're in early access, but the generator doesn't really feel all that different from the beta one you released; I was expecting a little more. Character models lack the customization options that are pretty standard nowadays; the ability to adjust the height, body type, and facial features would improve things tremendously; I'd honestly rather have this option than 3d dice. Also, the beard option with the unattached mustache freaks me out. Can you please attach the mustache to the rest of the beard or at least have another type of beard option so I can actually look at my cleric? Additionally, please let us give characters the same first name. 
  3. Retool crafting. I find the crafting mechanic to be my least favorite part of this game. If my cleric, who I can't look at (see above), doesn't have proficiencies in a herbalism kit because he was a lawkeeper. My wizard has proficiencies in herbalism kits because he was a philosopher but can't craft a healing potion because she can't cast the spell. It would be great if the idea could be tweaked where if you have a scroll of said spell you can use that as a component to make a potion without needing to be able to cast it.
  4. A place to store loot. On my first playthrough, I found primed equipment, as I'm sure many people did. Because I didn't have the proper crafting item to try and make something, I ended up carrying around the stuff, and it clogged my inventory. It would be a great quality of life item if there were (or if there are plans) for a vault/chest of some sort where we can store things we don't need right away.

That's it for now; I might have some more after my third playthrough.

Level 13
5 months ago (edited)

Body type can actually be adjusted (it's at the bottom of the screen). I agree about the NPC character model variation, right now even main NPCs (like your first questgiver) look the same as some pedestrians.

Level 3
5 months ago

What I miss most is the possibility to adjust the height ... and a few more interesting faces.

I stopped EA at the end of the last chapter. But back in the capital I would have expected a chest in which I could store some things (especially crafting materials) to reduce the carrying load of my characters. Therefore I'm a big fan of point 4.

Level 3
5 months ago

+1 for storage chest, although I think this will come in some form or shape when the Scavengers work properly.