A few suggestions

Level 1
5 months ago

In the character creation mode:

  1. Default to the empty player-created characters and have the pre-gens as the secondary option. Creating characters is fantastic and should be front and center.
  2. Allow choices to persist going backwards and forwards through the creation menu, i.e. if you decide on a hairstyle and then go back and change the background, the other choices should remain.
  3. Make each stage of the process clickable for easier navigation using the tracker on the bottom

In the game:

  1. In the tutorial, the word Medicine is spelled wrong as medecine next to the potions section
  2. Make it possible to hold Alt for explanations of every feat and characteristic in the character sheets
  3. Have an option to see what options you took at each level going backwards. I chose a favored terrain for my ranger and then could not see what terrain I had selected; same for the fighting style.

Neat game so far!


Cheers, Panthermagi