A few quality of life inventory options

Level 5
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4 months ago (edited)

Been playing Solasta and enjoying it.  It is shaping up to be a great, fun game (thanks).

I like what has been done with making backpacks of use in the game, but other inventory aspects seem to just make the item handling extra cumbersome.

1. Coins, having a teal number on a while background makes it very hard to read the numbers (not that cumbersome but a difficulity).

2. Treasures (the items that essentially are sold for just gold).  These take up individual inventory slots, given weight is more an issue than slots, having these items stack with themselves would go a long way to making the inventory slots less cluttered.

3. Crafting Reagents: crafting regents quickly fill up the inventory also.  Now seeing as there seems to be little reason to have the components pouch (casting spells doesn't appear to require a component pouch or a focus).  
The components pouch could carry up to a single stack of each reagent (20), using up just one slot for those components, thus reducing clutter and giving a reason to carry a components pouch around (without tying it to casting).

4. Scrolls: It would be nice if scrolls of the same spell could stack together.

- Loswaith