A few bugs I've encountered so far

Level 4
Mayor's Ring (Bronze)
1 year ago


Just want to report a few bugs I've encountered in EA:

1. During one of the conversation, my mage answered her own question during the dialogue. At the Tower of Magic, She asked "Who are these people? Scavengers?" then said "Hard to say. I see no tent or flag signifying their allegiance". She is neutral good, has aristocrat background and following personality tags - formal, caution, kindness, casual.

2. My mage also doesn't have light crossbow proficiency. It appears that mages in Solasta doesn't come with it - I could only see dagger, dart and quaterstaff listed as proficient weapon. is this a bug? (I thought D&D 5e allows mages to use light crossbow).

Level 7
1 year ago (edited)

death from mobs and loot pickups dropping and meshing with furniture = Unhappy Adventurers that cant pick up. version 0.5.42- public