A few bugs encountered in the current patch

1 year ago

1. Cannot buy the "Belt of Giant Strength (Fire)" from the Antiquarians, even though I have enough money and faction standing.

2. Dwarven Plate Heavy Armor is not showing any visuals for my Half-Elf Male Paladin but is displayed correctly for my Female Dwarf Cleric. Stats are shown properly it's just that visually it shows that I am wearing the basic clothes.

3. After rescuing Kythaela and escorting her towards Coparann, scripted encounter in Manacalon Prison. The Prison shows an interactable depleted rune on the wall opposite to the locked chest, but cannot interact with it in any way

Sorry for reposting if the bugs have all been reported previously.

Thank You

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
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1 year ago

Reported, thanks!

Level 14
1 year ago

#3 I got text suggesting looking elsewhere when I clicked that item.