A feel-good place for non-specific general positive feedback

Level 5
6 months ago

I just wanted to start a thread where people can post about how much they are enjoying the game in general. 

I think the specific suggestions/feedback posts are great and vital, though I think it would be good to have a place the developers can look to cheer themselves up when they are stressed/having a bad day/are wondering whether it was worth it/are overwhelmed by the critical feedback and suggestions about what people want changed (those posts often have positive comments and are important, but are often critical as well).

I'll start: I want to genuinely thank you developer team, I am loving your game. I have been waiting for a new (good) D&D game since completing NWN2, and had wondered why there hadn't been one planned for many years after 5e became so popular. 

I am amazed at the quality of the EA release. There are relatively few bugs and the game engine is fantastic. I will provide specific suggestions and bug reports later (unsurprisingly needed for an EA game)), though I am astounded at how great it is already. I have bought the supporter pack and have mentioned the game in my DNDBeyond play-by-post games, as I want the game to succeed and expand. You should genuinely be very proud of the work you have done, thank you.

6 months ago

Yes, I'm very positive about the game.  There are bugs and flaws, but the overall experience is deeply immersive, and the best iteration on the ToEE concept of implementing as much of the full ruleset as possible, within the limitations of digital representation in a CRPG.  

Thanks team!

Level 2
6 months ago

I'm loving the game too. I find that, thanks to the verticality, every battle is unique and special, with a lot more of strategy and cinematic flavor compared to the usually repetitive battles of other similar videogames. And I'm really enjoying the concept of creating the entire party from scratch and adding them personality flags: I'm the kind who in similars games used to cast away the companions and create my own personal group of mercenaries, but all the conversation have to take place in my head. Now, I can make them happen in game. And, man, I'm so happy about it.

Thanks and congratulations!

Level 4
6 months ago

Absolutely agree! This has so much potential as a framework. It already has that flow-inducing combat, great music, amazing UI. Keep it going!

Level 9
6 months ago

I really like the combat = makes 5e combat more fun than combat usually is in tabletop. The music is great the main theme calls back to Baldur's Gate (1) and the castle music was suitably spooky.
I like the navigation on the map, both the overland and the local ones. I also like the way the party interacts with itself and others.
I liked the "puzzles" in the library of hard to reach treasure chests so you could get them if you could figure out how but would not brickwall if they were too tricky.
Most of the issues I have had are bugs that will no doubt be sorted and QoL elements that I hope will be too, the core is very solid.