A fantastic game, good luck all!

1 year ago

My review from Steam :)

Posted: 26 May @ 11:39pm
Updated: 18 Jul @ 7:42pm
This EA has been an absolute joy to play. It does some things BG3 doesn’t (when you strike critical it plays a mini cinematic - you really feel the crit!), I feel it is more true to 5th in some scenarios (darkness), flying mobs, and factoring that some mobs walk on walls! It’s really intimidating to see vampires and other beasts mount a wall amd rush you. Totally freaky!!!

My only issue in EA was that the characters were not “good looking” enough. I hope this is addressed in the final build. There is a minor issue items not showing correct description but again I imagine they will be fixed in the final build. Bug reporting has been relatively zero from me as I encountered very little in anything game breaking - only thing I did was the end fight of the EA which I was able to recover from having previously learnt that you need to make multiple game saves to avoid this issue.

Combat is fun, the mobs are smart and will take advantage of you leave a character out in the open and isolated.

The story is good and keeps you wanting to know more (though it skirts LoTR!!).

Characters make jokes and keep things “interesting”, and I look forward to more shaping and development of them in the final build.

Over all I recommend the EA - well in 21 minutes the end game is being released so go get it!!

EDIT: I have just completed this game (225.1 hrs), and found it a good story, a good over all game, the rules introduced to game were translated well and accurately.

I found the characters difficult to like as their models were not very nice to look at. like my porn, I like my games to look visually pleasing. A great game nonetheless, I won't be playing it again even though i've unlocked 62% achievements. Will I wait for an expansion or #2? Definitely.

A good game, don't wait for a sale!


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1 year ago

I have to say, after playing this, I went back and played Pathfinder a bit last night.

Lord, Solasta is galaxies better. pathfinder was like a cartoon after playing Solasta.

You guys hit it out of the park.

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1 year ago (edited)

Let us add another big plus for Solasta.

It's the Dungeon Maker.

I have been playing a deal made by Silverquick and it's real good!

This game just came out folks, and already people are doing their own dungeons?!?!?!?!?

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1 year ago (edited)

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