A couple things I'd like to see added

4 months ago

Just my two cents on some things I'd like to see being added for our use in DM.

1: Languages. We have spell and items that let you speak/read them, but no way of using the languages in the first place. 

2: Moving NPC's and Monsters. I don't  know how difficult this would be, put a patrolling guard makes stealth so much more fun.

3: More objects that can be used for puzzles in dungeons. Runes that light up when activated, more climbing and jumping type obstacles. 

Just my thoughts I wanted to share. Love the game as it is already. 

4 months ago

I can't believe I nearly forgot this one. This one I think is really important. Please give us control over time of day!? If you want part of your story to take place under darkness of night, you can't do that? Maybe some weather options too? 

3 months ago (edited)

This post has been deleted.