50h gameplay suggestions

Level 2
4 months ago

1) Crafting, needs an wait until done button since i will do it anyway.

2) Crafting, again needs a preview/description of the item you about. Since ingrediences are rare i had to choose between two different greatswords and well i only have the name to choose from no idee wich want suits my character best. Choose the Doomblade, still no idee what it does.

3) Helmets, would really want an option to remove the helmet texture from Plate armor so i can see wich char is who.

4) Armor, would also really want an option to change color on armor. Atleast leather and cloth so one sclae armor can be green and one another color. and have the female lether armor be as coo as the male one.

5) Feats, add feats for wearing armor and weapons (the one that give you heavy armor now isnt working)

6) Feat, a feat for dual wealding all one handed weapons.

7) Testing, maybe add a test merchant so we can test out all the crafting and stuff since it apears to be lots of minor issus with magical eq.

8) The feat wich half the cafting time only display the halved time but still require the full time

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