5 bugs I've noticed

1 year ago (edited)
  1. Clicking spiritual weapon (after it is cast and trying to use it) and cancelling by pressing escape loses your bonus action.
  2. Going into your inventory, clicking a wielded item but changing your mind by putting it back in your hand consumes your free inventory action.
  3. When I use the Identify feature in the Caer Cyflen market shop, I see "Placeholder Caption" and no cursor indication that I am trying to identify something.
  4. By the rules, Empowered Spell should be usable with other metamagic but no option for this is given.
  5. When phase spiders teleport and attack, there is a long delay when the dice is rolled before action continues.
Level 10
1 year ago

5. There are several monsters with odd delays that appear to freeze combat, those spiders are particularly bad. In addition there are inconsistent animations. My favourite monster (Goblin Skirmisher) has awesome AI and an incredible ass-clapping, butt-shaking animation on a passed turn but it takes several seconds and if there is a pack of them...

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Level 13
1 year ago

#5 is even worse when the phase spiders teleport into your spiritual guardians. ūüėā

I think I saw a post somewhere where the devs said they had a fix in hand for the delays caused by spiders and SG.