2nd gem : impossible ton finish the quest

1 year ago

Hello, and sorry for my english.

I'm trying to finish a quest "dark castle" I think in english. I'm arrived just front of the castel, and go inside (I dont visite the graveyard before or the pond).

I think I've finished the castel (I killed master madracht), I find the necromantic gem and go to the little tower of knowledge (just possible to reed a book). My journal quest just pass to "go to the place that attracts your crown guard and look for the gem ". I try to explore all the castle many times, I went to the city : nothing. After, I discover the pond and I have a cinematic or my team talk to ... nobody. I go to the graveyard, teleport front of the castle, and see a lot of zombi I can't attack (neutral creature). After, I see Talbut the grey and his wolf (he is appear ?!) but I can't interract with him.

I loved this game, but i don't want to restart a new game about this bug, so I hope someone can help me :(

Thanks !