2Handed Weapons and Bag space

2 weeks ago (edited)

I do not know if it is intended (and if yes then its implemented badly)

maybe have the Larger Items take more space, or at the very least allow 2-3 of them and not only 1

(I cannot put my Corssbows/Bows/Double Handed Axes in my Backpacks cause they claim they are too big)

now the main issue is that it means I cannot Switch my gear

if my Rogue has a Shortbow and 2 Knives, and I try to switch from one to another it claim I cannot since I do not have bag space

2 weeks ago (edited)

To be fair, a bow wouldn't fit in a backpack - but it could be strapped to the side, or over shoulder. Best way to simulate that might be to have a slot for a single slung/strapped item, separate from the backpack. Would add a cool graphical touch too if it could be included. Of course, getting the item would then require a full action.

Slung items might be shield, bow, 2h weapon

2 weeks ago

Hey Mortos,

It's intended to avoid you putting very long/large weapons in your backpack. As for many other topics, we want the community's feedback on that. We know realism isn't necessarily fun.

Anyway, right now the limitation isn't clear enough, we're working on it, but we don't want a loot game for sure.

An additional strap is one of the idea we're toying with. Also, this limitation will cease to bother the player after they find some magical item like a bag of holding, for instance. The idea is to let you really enjoy this kind of upgrade in your adventurer's life, so you need to have some constraints to start with.


2 weeks ago (edited)

Just a counter-opinion to the op, but I really liked the limited space and the need to be selective about what you keep and where you put it. I thought it was cool that, for example, you had to have somewhere to put your current weapons when you switched to another set (back spot for bows/crossbows, scabbards for swords/knives). While it looked to me that it was a bit incomplete (IMO, things shouldn't go in the backpack on swap unless you want to make that sort of swap an action, but any one-hander should fit in the "side loops" - EVEN MACES, TA :P - and any two-hander, bow/crossbow, or shield should go on the back). Just my 2 cents. Yes, Some people may want every character to be a pack mule, but I think choices are important. Besides, wasn't there a mechanic planned to hire NPC's to go and grab all the loot you left after a dungeon or area was cleared? I think that's a neat mechanic and plan to incorporate that in the next campaign I run.

1 week ago

Well, we just want to make the space limitation clearer and easy to use. But yes, despite the possibility to add maybe one additional weapon strap, we'll stick to our philosophy and discourage playing "loot-rpg" style.

And yes the Scavengers will grab the stuff for you, anyway.


1 week ago

Definitely looking forward to the bag of holding! Particularly for some more arrows!

5 days ago

Bag of Holding Aside , (that is always awesome) i love the limited backpack, I would prefer the carry system to be as close to realistic as possible.

4 days ago

I find it funny that people want things to be "realistic" in every aspect of the game, but the one thing they're adamant about not being realistic is combat. Characters acting sequentially in orderly, structured turns for combat is about the most unrealistic thing imaginable, and yet when this is pointed out the response usually is: it's a game and as such it should not be about things being realistic but rather about it being fun.

Well, if managing our packs becomes a painful and tedious chore, that would not be fun.

4 days ago

Love the limits on the number of large weapons you can carry.  The more realism the better!  We have enough hack and slash games.  Give us one that requires management of resources like you have done thus far.  Bring on coin weight!  I know nothing about making computer games and how difficult building in options for these types of limits would be but the more options you can have the better.  You will attract everyone!