2.5 Hrs in and I feel like I've played D&D

John Allen
Level 3
5 months ago (edited)

So, I'm liking this game...a lot. The user interface in and out of combat is looking good and easily navigable. The dice UI mechanics FEELS good; like, there is a feedback of stats that I can see in each roll that just wasn't there in Baldurs Gate 3. Customzation for the ENTIRE party is..oh man...THAT alone is terrific. I am LOVING how the backgrounds and the alignment/social flags are feeling in dialogue, and that the WHOLE PARTY seems to chime in during scenes. I'm picking who says what, but that just makes it FEEL like I'm DMing and Playing at the same time, for a cohesive cinematic/story telling experience. Even the bold text is nice during dialogue.
Sure, the graphics are rough and a bit dated as far as character animations and textures go (it's early access, I'm fine with it), but even THAT makes it feel ... wholesome? Like, it takes me back to playing old PS2 couch co-op games, and that's such a weird, unexpected little bit of euphoria.
All in all, I'm super digging it. Well worth the price of Early Access so far. I'm stoked.


5 months ago

I absolutely get this! This is the best game anyone has ever made for translating the feel of tabletop to digital imo. Even the areas where the game is lackign like the odd tendency for characters to start lines of dialogue immediatly after the last person super fast are jsut oddly endearing to me. This game has heart and soul to spare and I adore it.

5 months ago

I never played tabletop gaming, but this game feels like what I imagine tabletop gaming feels like - or a reasonable facsimile thereof in CRPG format.  It's less like a bunch of combats strung together, and more like a story that involves not just the written stuff that moves the story forward, but also the random element of how your team reacts in dialogues, how they interact in combat, etc.  It's a "gestalt", a whole that's more than the sum of its parts.