21 Requests after 150 hours of gameplay

1 year ago (edited)

Smaller ones:

1. More facial hair options (full beard, stubble, etc).

2. Color-correct eye and skin tones (many don't seem to actually match the displayed colors).

3. Add editing characters' looks during the game (or even outside the game, without having to create a new person).

4. Move equipment loadout choices to the end of character creation (you gain proficiencies during background that could change how you choose).

5. Allow background proficiencies to be choice-based, not locked in (this is actually the rule in PHB; if something is duplicated, you choose to change it to something else).

6. Have a popup during character creation pointing out the information bubbles on proficiency choice (I've watched streams where the person had no idea stuff wasn't used).

7. Allow right mouse button to be character movement without interact (or left mouse button, if using the option for right mouse to be move and interact).

8. Add button to center local and world map to party location (like TAB or Space) and add the name of the current location to the map.

9. Add Caution mode hotkey (most games use C for crouch/stealth).

10. Expand the Use Item/quick slot to be a multiple options menu instead of a picture (like the spells menu).

11. Create a slot specifically for Arcane Focus/Component Pouch (completely separate from other items).

12. Add a way to not need two shields equipped for different weapon sets, due to freehand spells or two one-hand weapons (like a check box to tell the game to always maintain the shield).

13.Allow for two-hand weapon users to be considered having a freehand available, exactly like real D&D (for the greatsword paladins, etc).

14. Add a full isometric (top-down) zoom option.

15. Allow changing world map travel settings any time while traveling (current option just stops at next major location).

16. Add number key presses for conversation dialogue options (using 1-4 instead of just mouse clicking).

17. Keep campaign saves separated so you don't overwrite prior saves for a new playthrough (possibly by creating different folders named after campaign run 1, run 2, etc).

18. Show healing and Perception check math in combat log for enemies and allies (helps with bug finding and math curiosity).

Bigger ones:

1. Changing humans - At the moment, the race provides actually no things. The scores are generally irrelevant, due to infinite rolling for stats and free edit option in point buy. They're stronger in real D&D because character creation is usually standard array, 27 point buy, or RNGesus rolling. Having so many bonus numbers spread out feels good to see, but even in real D&D, they have to add an option to variant the race, which is actually a far stronger option, due to the free feat. I'd argue it's actually a stronger roleplay option, as well. Now that darkvision is generally correct in game, finding an item or using a spell to give humans that equalization isn't very hard, so that gap isn't a massive issue anymore. Here is what I would do to bring the humans into a stronger spot, and also roleplay them more true to what they had to go through (war, escape, new world, adaptation, badlands, etc):

- Change the race name to Tirmarian (or something more lore friendly).

- Allow them to start with Common, Old Tirmarian, and one other language.

- Allow them to start with Survival and 2 proficiencies of their choice.

- Allow them to have advantage on Hunting when traveling, Perception when camping, Initiative when fighting, and Survival when gaining Bestiary knowledge.

- Full Rests are 6 hours instead of 8 (they should be used to not sleeping well).

All this does for humans is give them a distinct personality of solid party member, not great at anything specific, and very lore friendly.

2. Finding a use for investigation - Keeping in mind what it's used for in real D&D, dropping it entirely for the campaign (at least for now?) feels really off. A simple use for it could easily be found by creating the standard roll requirement after combat for loot. Since this is a video game, I'm sure you don't want people to feel like their loot is being taken away from them, but it could easily be mitigated by low rolls providing most of what you normally would find (so no one really feels like save scumming for it). I would suggest something like:

- Below 5: you find 50% of the money and common item drops.

- 6 to 10: you find 75% of the money and common item drops.

- 11 to 15: you find 100% of the money and common item drops.

- 16 to 20: you find an uncommon item somewhere in the nearby bushes or on an enemy.

- 21 and over: you find a maiden carrying a large keg... ok, no. you find either multiple uncommon items or a single more rare item, either for crafting, selling, or wearing.

- All combat loot is automatically moved to a central location nearby the party, that is safe and easily interacted with.

What this also allows is for the removal of loot bag drops (cleaning up issues of finding them and interacting with them). It also prevents them from acting like a small, random light source.

Request 21:

Please read this post, devs... and implement this stuff. This is coming from a massive D&D nerd who wants to see your game succeed. I'm unaware of your backend limitations, but I'm hoping this is a list that you can all appreciate and respect. Cheers.

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1 year ago

For the most part these are good. Couple of comments though:

11: Component items that uses different item slots are already available for sale. This includes both holy and arcane. Belts, cloaks, bracers etc. Seeing as we're limited to 3 attuned items, there's never going to be a lack of itemslots to place them.

19: Add "Tirmarian" or "Riftmarked" or whatnot as a subrace for humans, rather than outright replace them. No need to remove the current human even if it isn't that good. More options are always better.

5: Defnitely this. Something like "pick 3 skills from X list" for more variety.

Typos happen. More so on the phone.

1 year ago

definitely aware of the other options for component pouch and focus. my issue with those is their cost. you're forced to start with items that require specific slots, then if you want to swap them at all, you have to sell and buy, which is a loss (at start of game) of around 26 gold or so. that's a hefty chunk to pay early. otherwise, it is generally fine as it is.

i think the only issue with subrace for human is that they may not be allowed to add subraces to it. that's why i think essentially removing base human might be easier? if not, then i agree, subrace would be better.

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1 year ago

If they're allowed to make custom subraces for dwarves, elves and halflings, humans should be fine too. Snow dwarf, sylvan elf and island halfling are Solasta specific. I'm pretty sure the usage of the SRD means not copying content from other official D&D material, like the Variant Human from the Player's Handbook.

Typos happen. More so on the phone.

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1 year ago (edited)

I don't think there's anything wrong with adding subraces to human but since they always were a versatile race it wasn't necessary. 

Take a variant human for example, if you want a "city" human you could take +1 to intelligence and charisma, skills like perception and insight and appropriate feat. If you wanted to have a "rural" human you could take +1 to strength and constitution, animal handling and athletics and another appropriate feat.

Since we can't use variant human adding different subraces is some solution. If it was up to me I'd just slap an extra feat on existing human and I'd add few extra skill-related feats so you could choose how your human's versatility manifests - whether it'd be by extra skills (manipulator feat), better magic ability (powerful cantrip) or maybe higher attribute (the creed of... line of feats). It should be different enough from variant human to not be sued, would allow greater versatility and should take around 10 minutes to implement - not to take resources from fixing other aspects of the game.

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1 year ago

Good points which of most I can get behind. Thank you!

1 year ago

Good points which of most I can get behind. Thank you!

thanks. really hoping this is perused and brought up at {insert important dev meeting}. appreciate the support.

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1 year ago

Along the same lines as more beard options, we need a bald / no hair option.