2 hand Sword in one hand

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2 years ago

While discovering the game, I came across it. 

My warrior had his shield in one hand, and a two-handed sword in the other. 

I think this is a longsword and not a 2 handed sword. 

(this translation was done with google trad because it is too complex for me)

2 years ago

That weapon is part of "VERSATILE WEAPONS", it is a longsword and it can be used either with a shield or by itself with 2 hands. The damage it deals changes whether you use it 1 handed or 2 handed

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2 years ago

so, I think this "bug" (i post a topic about it yesterday) is due to the wrong french translation for the 2 Hands Sword = Epée à Deux Mains.

In ruleset, "A deux mains" don't allow the shield and must be use with two hands.

The versatile weapon should be the Epée Batarde (Bastard Sword): you can choose to use either with one or with two hands.