1.1.11 bugs and UI issues

1 year ago

Enjoyed the game!  A few minor issues I noticed while playing:

  1. I now get my bonus draconic sorcerer damage when casting the fire bolt cantrip, but I don't see it applying when I cast a twinned fire bolt (if either one hits)
  2. The metamagic UI should not allow selecting distant spell for misty step since it doesn't actually apply and just wastes a sorcery point
  3. Sometimes in combat the portrait on the lower left that is supposed to show whose turn it is, instead shows the previous character that acted.  It is a bit confusing.   The attacks/abilities/etc. still show up correctly.  It should always auto change to whose turn it is at the start of each turn, since they are otherwise being auto-selected (e.g. changing to their abilities hotbar).
  4. When I switch ammo types via the inventory screen mid-combat, it doesn't seem to change to the other ammo, the inventory UI shows the new one selected but the action hotbar and the attack still use the old one.  Note  I may have equipped a different ammo type from the inventory screen before triggering this, not sure if that is part of the bug or if just switching is sufficient.  I don't know if there is a hotkey or UI element for switching between the 2 equipped ammo options without going into inventory (if not, recommend adding this).
  5. The paladin spell protection from poison detailed description has a list for conditions it removes and the list says "poison, poison" (i.e. a list of 2 things, both are poison)
  6. For the cleric contagion spell, neither spell nor sub-spell descriptions indicate a save, but there is one given to the target
Level 1
1 year ago (edited)

On the fire bolt cantrip, sometimes I don't get the Draconic Sorcerer's bonus damage from Elemental Affinity, even without using the twinned spell metamagic, maybe because I had used the quickened spell metamagic beforehand? 

Generally speaking, the Draconic Sorcerer's Elemental Affinity feature is just unreliable at the moment.

At first I thought it may not have been showing because I was killing enemies without the bonus damage from Elemental Affinity, but then I started hitting them, not dealing enough damage to kill them, and also not getting the bonus damage.

EDIT: On closer inspection, Elemental Affinity failed to apply on a Fire Bolt that had missed but still did damage, due to the Powerful Cantrip Feat, which doesn't allow additional effects, and it's applying to the first hit of multi-target spells, unless said hit manages to kill without the bonus, so everything might be working as intended after all.

1 year ago (edited)

I could be mistaken but my recollection is that on at least one of the occasions that I didn't see the bonus damage on a twinned fire bolt, only one of them hit.  I may get a chance to test a bit more later today.

Edit: Got a chance to test.  Yes, it looks like it applies to one and if they both hit it applies to the 2nd one (which is a bit odd, that's probably what threw me, I expected to see it on the first one at a minimum, and so I just assumed it wasn't there at all).  Probably intended, and closer to TT rules, but not clear in the in-game description.  The description of the ability should probably mention that it applies to 1 damage roll per casting.  We can't really rely on outside sources because not everything in the game matches the rules.  In the rules you are supposed to be able to choose which damage roll to add to, but the game just chooses one for us (so if we care, we need to order the targets accordingly).

1 year ago (edited)

One of my characters can no longer choose any action after a long rest. Neither leveling up nor atune an item is possible. Nothing happens when I click the options. With the others everything still works.

Update: The problem disappeared on its own after several long rests.