[1.0.22] final battle with razen was great, more of that [minor spoilers]

Level 14
1 year ago

just finished the final battle with razen and it was a lot of fun, more fights like that please.  my setup: lv 7, point buy and light on magic items [no identify spell in party so i have to pay for each item i want to know about them [i have a stash of unidentified items] plus i think there is to much magic items in the game anyways].  difficulty: between scavenger and cataclysmal.  i did use one regular healing potion [2d4+2] and a few magic arrows [~10% of my ranged attacks].  half the party had magic weapons in addition to the magic arrows.

warning minor spoilers ahead:

i did not have surprise and did not do any prep work [ie cast spells ahead of time, etc...] i should have figured the fight would start once i went to the only ruins with a coffin but i did not think that thru.  razen was starting to piss me off with his teleporting away and regenerating [and 200+ HP].  i don't know if i figured out the best strategy or if he just got tired of running away or his teleporting away had limited uses?  any way, i stopped chasing him and just used ranged attacked then moved away from him, that finally took away a few hit points.  then he decide to stay in melee? don't know why?  so i recast spirit guardians and put up a ring of fire around me.  i would have won regardless but the fight ended early [round 18-19?] because he keep flying in and out of the fire? 

yellow flower of courage