[1.0.15] Javelins disappear from inventory when stacked.

1 year ago (edited)

When I have one javelin in my inventory, all is well.

When I make a character who's supposed to start with five javelins, I only have one javelin in my inventory.

When I add an extra javelin to my inventory, I still have one javelin in my inventory.

When I buy twenty javelins, I still have one javelin on my inventory.

Seems to me something's happening with the stacking of javelins that causes everything but the first one to disappear.

1 year ago

I have the same problem, also in [1.0.15].

After purchasing or looting javelins, there is only 1 in my inventory, regardless of how many were purchased/looted.

This is only a problem for 1 of my characters, and the other 3 characters are able to purchase/loot/transfer javelins without issue. The character with the problem is in my 4th character slot, and is a paladin who started with 5 javelins.

Level 1
1 year ago

I have the same problem with my paladin.

1 year ago

I just got the game today (6/28/2021) and am having the same issue with my paladin. Seems he can only carry two javelins at a time. One equipped and one in inventory. They will not stack and trying to buy more javelins just leaves me with less money and no additional javelins. 

Level 14
1 year ago

so no fat stacks of javelin-dollar-bills?

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