[0.5.42] Missing texture in the Dark Tower, Shadow of the Past quest, residence torch/transit bugs

1 year ago (edited)

Missing texture bug:

As you can see in linked picture the armour rack texture is missing. This is in the room where you fight the Vampire just before the entrance to Madracht's level.

missing texture

Shadow of the past bug:

Problem: I cannot continue the quest, journal lists two mutually exclusive options.

How it happened: I started the quest and went to Daliat and asked him to plant the document in return for killing the traitors. I went tot he spy camp and killed them and then returned to Daliat. At this point the incriminating document was no longer in my possession. I then left the city to do a few side quests as the game needed me to wait a day to see the results. I completed the side quests (which took a few days) and returned to the city. I checked my journal and found there were two options as indicated (see linked picture). 

Troubleshooting: I have tried infiltrating the embassy but without the document I cannot plant it in the desk as well as entering the residence. Neither of these progress the quest.

Bugged options in journal

Residence torch and transit zone bugs:

Problem 1: The torches in the residence are not flush with the walls (see picture link below, bottom right corner).

Problem 2: The transit zone area will only appear if I walk the party back to the doorway with he guards, wait, and then walk away (see the top of picture link below).

residence bugs

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Level 4
1 year ago

The armor rack in the horizontal tower is also missing it's texture.