[0.5.42] Control lost and quick saves corrupted when coming back to Caer Lyflen from Caer Lem

Level 14
2 years ago

- I came back from the first mission at Caer Lem

- during the map travel, the party characters had a rest and levelled up

- the party arrived and spawned at Caer Lyflen

At this point:

=> I had no control over the camera or the characters

=> no UI bar at the bottom

=> quick saving the game and reloading it leads to a corruption error (only way out is quit the game - reloading from there produces the same result)

However, quick saves done during the map travel just before can be reloaded.

Selecting one or all characters solves both issues:

=> control is back

=> bottom UI is back

=> quick saves can be reloaded later

Level 14
2 years ago

The problem occurs in several areas - the characters are not selected automatically when entering the areas. For some reason, it also corrupts the saves. Use the 'select all' button on the upper left of the screen and things should start working normally. I had hours of frustration until I figured that out.