0.5.41 - [Spoilers] - The achievements - Bugged or not?

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1 year ago

Given that you guys rely on us that play EA to find bugs partly it would be great to have a clarification on what to expect in some cases.

This seems partly broken:  (see separate thread on sellsword)

My sword is yours
Complete the Sellsword Background Quest

This is either broken or its lacking in its description.

Enchantment? Enchantment!
Use the Manacalon Rosary 20 times

Ive used it well over 20 times. Is this per campaign?

Are these Achievements broken or not? The explanation seems to make it so unless they are not supposed to be implemented as of yet.

Mutinous thoughts
Escape Caer Lem with Robar Sharp

I'm not paid enough for that
Escape Caer Lem with Beryl Stonebeard

Wasn't me
Escape Caer Lem with Daliat Sunbird

We don't negotiate with monsters
Kill Aksha

Where do you think you're going?
Kill Razvan

You get nothing! Good day sir!
Kill Mardracht

The following I presume sofar are impossible given the fact that this is EA, please confirm.

Master of Conjuration
Obtain the Gem of Conjuration

Master of Evocation
Obtain the Gem of Evocation

Into the Breach
Enter Aer Elai

Clear the temple of the Lost God

Give me a real challenge
Finish the game in Iron man mode

Heroes of Solasta

Complete the game

Champions of the Circle
Max out your reputation with the Circle of Danantar

Champions of the Principality
Max out your reputation with the Principality of Masgarth

Champions of the Scavengers
Max out your reputation with the Scavengers

The Old Guard
Make friends with Arwin Merton

Uncover four members of the Covend of Arivad

Finish the game with no character ever dying

Bow before me! Or d'ont. I'm not very picky about these sort of things.