[0.4.14 b] Bugs Found

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2 years ago (edited)

Happy Bugday Myzzrym! I took note of bugs I found on my playthrough. Have deleted everything that was already on the Known Issues list.


  • Collapsing floor sections near the Brimstone Vipers requires a Dexterity check even though the result does not affect the outcome. Wearing heavy armour (chainmail) applies disadvantage to this check for some reason.
  • If you return to Caer Lem after Tower of Magic instead of going straight to Caer Cyflen, you skip the "crown might be cursed" conversation that normally interrupts travel. (I went back a couple of times to see if the Scavengers had set up shop)
  • Character with the best Intelligence (History/Arcana) bonus isn't always the one that makes the knowledge roll; sometimes I cast Guidance or Enhance Ability (Fox's Cunning) on the wrong character as there doesn't seem to be any way to predict who will make the roll, or which skill will be used.
  • Languages aren't being respected. I can read Mardracht's journal without Comprehend Languages despite it supposedly being in Draconic. My Wizard reads out the Tirmarian scroll in the "Who Gets the Crown" scene despite not knowing Tirmarian (while the Paladin does).
  • Wizard (Chaotic Evil High Elf Spy, Egoism, Violence, Caution, Greed) seems to be shoehorned into giving faithful responses to Arun and Pakri priests since I don't have a cleric/paladin of them.
  • Where did all the random encounters go? World map travel got super boring up until new content.
  • Adventure Log starts overwriting previous days: reached the Bone Keep on day 41 and the entries went to day 11.
  • My halfling ranger's Initiative die didn't disappear during/after the Adam XII fight and possibly some others in the Bone Keep (can't remember)
  • Objects in the Bone Keep aren't targetable by spells like Sparkle and Knock (though torches can be lit by torches).
  • In the Aksha combat, the Brood of Dread refuses to end its turn, causing the game to get stuck. I had to kill it before its turn to progress.
  • Sometimes Kythaela's picture in the bottom-left corner would persist for the turn after hers (in this case my wizard).
  • Pillars in the Brood rooms fell at different heights so you couldn't jump properly.
  • Pillar in the Caravan area fell on my wizard and killed her by knocking her into the void. Whut
  • With multiple characters selected, sometimes my Paladin (with no thieves' tools nor proficiency with them) would be the one to try to disarm traps or open locks

General Rules

  • Hits on an unconscious (sleeping) target from within 1 cell are not being converted to crits. They should be, per tabletop rules.
  • Death saving throws are supposed to be made at the start of a character's turn, which means that if they roll a 20 and get 1 hit point back, they should be able to act immediately. In game, the character's turn is getting skipped.
  • Dual-wielding doesn't work the way it's meant to. You should not be able to attack as a bonus action without taking the Attack action. You should be able to take the Attack action with either of your weapons, rather than always doing it the same way round.
  • My halfling ranger suffered an opportunity attack when moving underneath a spectral servant 1 cell above the ground (but without leaving its reach). Not sure if this also applies to Medium sized ancestries.

Spells, Feats & Powers

  • Spells that are not concentration are falling off if the caster drops to 0 hit points. Per tabletop rules, they should persist for the full duration or until dispelled. Examples: Longstrider, Mage Armor, Aid.
  • Wizards aren't proficient with light crossbows. They should be, per tabletop rules.
  • Halflings are not rerolling 1s on death saves. Death saves are supposed to be affected by anything that affects all saving throws: Halfling Lucky feature, Bless, Bane, etc.
  • Halfling opportunity attack bug still happens (vs. Veterans in caravan encounter). They take an opportunity attack when they move through the space, despite not leaving the enemy's reach. Also, a halfling will not try to move through an enemy's space if there is an alternative, even if the alternative would have them take an opportunity attack while moving through would not. 
    • Why do you hate halflings, Myzzrym?
  • Using a spell of 1st level or higher prevents you from casting a bonus action cantrip (sparkle). However, you can do it the other way round (cast sparkle first). This ought to be made consistent. I think RAW, any bonus action spell (even a cantrip) is supposed to stop you from casting spells of 1st level or higher.
  • Zombies don't seem to get Undead Fortitude.
  • Elves are knocked prone by the Sleep spell when they should be unaffected.
  • Fly doesn't let you fly over the "void" to get from place to place (I wanted to Fly over the swamp pond near Talbut the wolf guy, for example).
  • Greenmage's Entangling Arrow didn't seem to do anything: the target makes a saving throw but with no consequences for failing it.
  • Fireballs and lightning bolts can be cast through walls.
  • The Daylight source falls down if cast above the ground, causing the game to get stuck forever.
  • Spiritual Weapon doesn't let you attack with it on the turn you cast it.


  • My wizard, a female high elf wearing Noble Garb, kept leaning weirdly to one side in conversations. I gave her some armour after Caer Lem and think I stopped noticing the issue after that.
  • Subtitles said "Wait, Lisbath stayed behind?". Voice (male 3 formal) said "Liam! What are you doing here? I told you I'd take care of it!"
  • Missing voice in a line with the Ceannard (male 2 casual): something like "Yes, and they [Soraks] are as nasty as the legends say."
  • Lizzaria, Joriel Foxeye and Princess Ceiwad Silverflower have their lips superglued together.
  • Shield +1 being held at the wrong angle. The straps do not line up with the character's arm.
  • Inventory in the shopping window doesn't scroll far enough down; half the bottom row is covered up by the box of stuff you're selling (1920x1080)
  • Angbi Kramsson looks like he's pretending to ride a bicycle. Possibly a feature, not a bug, just found it funny to see :D
  • A character dropped by an opportunity attack and then healed up will continue the running/crawling animation until their next movement.
  • Crown seems to show a purple gem before getting the Necromancy gem. Wasn't the one Captain Merran found a red one? Wasn't the Necromancy one the purple one?


  • Bracers of Archery damage popup text is broken. Also it gets doubled on a crit. Also it works on spell attacks like Acid Arrow and Shocking Grasp.
  • Boots of Levitation seem to have the same effect as Boots of Elvenkind. Both require attunement in game, when in tabletop rules only the Boots of Levitation should.
  • Doomblade Greatsword doesn't say what it does (seems to be 1d4 extra damage the turn after you hit something with it?)
  • Greatsword of Acuteness doesn't say what it does. Looked like just a Greatsword +1
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2 years ago

Adding to the item issues, the rapier of doom has nothing. Not even a +1. Do the devs comb through these threads and check this stuff out? 

Cody A Young
Level 5
2 years ago (edited)
  • Fly doesn't let you fly over the "void" to get from place to place (I wanted to Fly over the swamp pond near Talbut the wolf guy, for example).

Say, did you ever figure out how to get that little barrel? I tried Spider Climbing over the castle walls and teleporting but never managed to make any of it work. I assumed it was a tease for something that would be obvious later but never did find access to that side of the map

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2 years ago

To answer those questions...

No I couldn't find a way of getting across, and yes the devs (okay, mostly just Myzzrym) do look through these reports.

It might be that if you try using the Doomblade Rapier it'll do the same as the greatsword - put an effect called Doomblade Cut on things you hit, which does 1d4 damage when it procs.