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Hey there folks! Summer is definitively getting closer in Paris, as good weather has been blessing us these last few days. You know what they say: Sun is shining, birds are singing... Speaking of which, here are a few words from Tactical Parrot, our occasional uninvited guest to our morning meetings. While none of us understands it, we're pretty sure we start the day with the equivalent of a Bardic Inspiration thanks to its intervention....
When humans fled to Solasta it was not a matter of country or culture, it was a matter of survival. Centuries passed and much was lost, but more remains - if not among the living, then among the dead. Every ruin tells a story, but to the untrained eye of a looter, every blade is a sword. Most adventurers know better: a heritage, a legacy, many a thing can be found in a scavenger's bag. ...
I can do that for you. We don't allow for name changes usually but it makes sense in your case, so just answer here with the alias you want!
Contest is over! The results will be announced in our Dev Update #13^^
Hello people! May is here, and summer is right around the corner. The team has been starting their work on Act II, and we've been polishing Act I as we go. Hopefully we'll soon be able to share some longer videos, so keep an eye on our Youtube channel if you're not already subscribed! Also, here is an obligatory picture of two of our furry companions during these hard times. Linus & Oliver can be...
Hello there everyone, What. A. Contest! The quality of your submissions were incredible, even more than last month. We've had a really tough time trimming our selections down to five finalists, as each of us had our favorites... and unlike in the weapon contest, not a lot of overlap! Some of you had fantastic and original ideas that would totally fit Solasta, and trust me when I say that we've had to discard a lot...
Hello Pete, Thanks for your message, it’s very nice to see that our work on the lore of Solasta is appreciated. To answer your question, we work as a triumvirate and this is the result of how the team was build and to what end. Antoine Guillaud is the mind behind the big ideas, he came up with the concept of Solasta and the basis of its history and it still one of the most...
Hey there folks! Hope everyone is doing all right out there. On our side we're hard at work with Act I, and we'll soon start cracking at Act II as well. Also, as we'll still be working from home for quite some time, here is a bit of love to our companions who now have to live with us all day long. Gimli loves to invade our morning stand-up meetings with his peppy chirps. April...

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