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At the moment it's a technical limitation that makes us have it cast as an action (instead of a bonus action). The rest of the spell remains the same, but during the Early Access it will remain an action (we have to see if we can fix that limitation)
Answered, locking the thread
This is indeed as designed.  Bright Light: No disadvantageDim Light: Disadvantage, unless you have DarkvisionDarkness: Disadvantage (even with Darkvision)This is different from Tabletop because Solasta plays a lot with Light. We want to encourage players to use lighting and avoid having a full Darkvision party to just do all the levels in the dark (which would look terrible on screen), and lessen the gap between non-Darkvision and Darkvision characters
Sorry none yet, it will be after 1.0 releases though so not during Early Access
Hey there folks! Here is a list of known issues that you may (or may not!) encounter during your Early Access run. Rest assured that we're working on fixing all of that! Planned Improvements "Hide" Action has not been implemented yetUnconscious / Death System not fully implemented yetOption to disable auto camera panning on screen borders not implemented yetDifficulty Levels not implemented yetAnimation Speed to be adjustedSpells range are not displayed on the battle grid...
That's it folks, We've finally made it to Steam Early Access! It's hard to imagine that it's been barely a year since the end of our Kickstarter Campaign, isn't it? The game has changed so much since the first Demo we released that it feels like an eternity. I even begin to tell you how happy we are to finally be able to not only show, but even put the game in your hands at...
This is the thread for balance feedback about the classes & archetypes of Solasta. Here is a template to help you submit feedback (you don't HAVE to use it, but it helps) Class: Archetype: Feature / Spell / Whatever:Power: too weak / weak / balanced / strong / too strongFeedback: Suggestion (if any):Cheers! Myzzrym
@Shawn: We wrote a guide for redeeming the rewards here:
Hello there folks! This article is for content creators who might be wondering about our stance when it comes to streaming / monetizing videos about Solasta. In order to avoid having to answer individually every time, here is where we stand on this topic: You are, of course, more than welcome to stream or create Let's Play type of videos of Solasta: Crown of the Magister - and to monetize them if you want. You're...
Hey there folks, As we're in our last sprint towards Early Access release, today's Dev Update is going to be much lighter than usual! Still, do keep reading as there is plenty of information you may want to have for our release day. And of course, cat pic!  Hope you saved your work, cat splat incoming Dice for the Dice Gods! Just dropping it again if case you missed it last week, the Dice Preview...

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