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Hey there folks, Now that you all have a date to look forward to, it's time for us to dash towards the first checkpoint (the final goal being v1.0 release in 2021 of course). Early Access has been announced, and we're here to deliver! We've been hard at work creating Solasta: Crown of the Magister's campaign, but we've also been working out the issues from our Kickstarter Demo days - camera, facial animations, bugs and...
Hey there folks, We weren't lying when we said that our Gamescom Trailer was a teaser... We're now ready to reveal the full Trailer - and the Early Access date with it! Mark your calendar, for in a bit more than a month on October 20th, Solasta: Crown of the Magister will be available on Steam Early Access! Are you excited yet? We sure are! Hello Pax Online! Tactical Adventures will be part of Pax...
Hey there folks, Gamescom is over, and what a weekend that was! From the Early Access announcement to the multiple Art Team Behind the Scene videos and our Dev Live Stream, Gamescom was packed. But before we start today's Dev Update, you know what time it is... Nap Time! Wait no that's not it. Solasta coming to Steam Early Access Fall 2020! For those who might have missed the information, Solasta is heading to Steam...
Yea we saw that one weird bug happen from time to time. Should be fixed in the final game :p
Huh, that's some very strange bugs. Passing it along to the devs
Hey there! Long Rest: In said corridor (after the large vertical room, right before the amphitheatre) there should be a small firecamp. Click on it, and it should open the long rest menu - unless you have no rations! (normally you should have enough for one long rest at least)For Identification, currently you have to cast Detect Magic before you're able to identify the magic items. In the final game we'll likely make the process...
Hey there Wayua, Just send us a mail at with your current name and the name you want :)
Sometimes it's just the loading time being veeery long :(  If it really doesn't work, go to "\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta" and delete UserPreferences.xml, sometimes it fixes it.
Hey there folks, The cat's out of the bag! Solasta is heading to Steam Early Access in Fall 2020, and everyone's invited! For those who missed the trailer, here it is: Q: Will Kickstarter Backers get a key for the Early Access? A: Yes! Every Kickstarter Backer whose rewards included the game (Tier $18 and above) will receive an Early Access Key as soon as it hits the store! Q: When will Early Access be...
Hey there folks, Are you ready for Gamescom later this week? We've got a big reveal right around the corner, so make sure you don't miss it!  Solasta x IGN - Big Reveal Make sure you tune in to IGN following the Gamescom Opening Night Live on Thursday 27th, around 1 pm - 2 pm PDT/ 4 pm - 5 pm EDT / 10 pm - 11 pm CEST. What is this all about? We...

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