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Hey there folks! While we're all waiting for the final release of Solasta, here is a little something to listen to. And to watch. Those who followed the project during our Kickstarter campaign may remember one of our stretch goals - an orchestral upgrade to the soundtrack. Some of you might even have noticed that some tracks changed with the Spring Update version. Well, if you were wondering how those new tracks sound and how...
Hey there folks! We weren't lying last week when we said that you'd get to know the launch date of Solasta soon :D Solasta is graduating from Early Access! On May 27th 2021 after a little more than 7 months in Early Access, Solasta will finally launch its 1.0 version with all the promises made during our Kickstarter Campaign! What a ride it has been, from the small prototype made by the hands of Mathieu...
You can't throw the Dwarven Thrower in the current version
Hello there folks, I hope you're all enjoying the Spring Update very much, as we are now headed for the final release of Solasta: Crown of the Magister! "And when exactly would that be" I hear you asking - my most humble apologies, this information will have to stay secret... for a bit longer! Keep an eye on the horizon, for you will soon know the date (for you worrywarts out there, I can tell...
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Nice catch! Thanks folks
The issue is linked to your media player trying to read the intro movie: WindowsVideoMedia error 0x887a0005 while reading G:/Apps/Steam/steamapps/common/Slasta_COTM/Solasta_Data/StreamingAssets/CotmIntroduction.mp4  Did you install new video codecs or did anything related to your video player on your PC since last time you played? What you could try: - Update your graphic card driver - Make sure you are up to date with your windows update - If it still doesn't work, put a small .mp4 file...
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We've just rolled out a hotfix on the hotfix beta branch to fix these issues! Read how to download it here:
We've just rolled out a hotfix on the hotfix beta branch to fix these issues! Read how to download it here:

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