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Interesting, thanks for reporting that bug. I've forwarded it to the dev team.
Hello folks, We're back with a new Dev Update (to the surprise of no one, I'd imagine)! Summer is really hitting us hard in Paris, with the temperature rising fairly high. With no air conditioning for those working from home, we have to rely on good old fans to keep us alive in these harsh times. And we're not the only ones... Our fluffy friends are also victims of the hot weather. Onwards, to new...
I'm forwarding that to the programmers :) Edit: removed link for safety
Hey there adventurers, We rarely talk about numbers, but we just wanted to say thank you again to everyone who've been following and wishlisting Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Thanks to you fine folks, we've been in Steam's Top 100 Most Wishlisted upcoming games ever since the end of the Steam Summer Festival! Now, back to our announcement... We're happy to announce that Tactical Adventures will be present at Gamescom and Indie Arena Booth 2020! ...
Hey there folks, We've spent a lot of time on our Combat Video Dev Diary, so this week's Dev Update will be a little bit lighter than usual. Fun fact, around the same time last year we were hard at work to get our first version of the Ruins of Telema ready for GenCon 2019. Back then, we were both eager... and anxious - it was the first time Solasta would be playable by anyone...
Don't worry we heard the community's feedback. All I can tell you is: We're working on it^^
Hey there folks, Hope you're all doing well in this fine summer weather! We've been hard at work on implementing quite a few new features... that we'll keep secret for now! Now don't worry, we still have plenty to share regardless. Without further ado, here is our first Dev Update of July - with your weekly dose of friendly feline attached to it.   This adorable fellow is named Kaiju, and he's our Graphic Programmer's companion...
Not sure we'll have it at launch since it takes quite a bit of time to adapt the UI and the user experience (if you don't adapt and simply map buttons to the gamepad the experience is going to be horrible), but it's something we want to do in the long run yea.
For DLC classes, it will likely be by popularity vote - like we did during the Kickstarter. Nothing guaranteed though!
Hey there folks! Here is a recap of the Steam Summer Festival Community Q&A session that took place on Discord on Friday June 19th, during which anyone was free to ask us any question they had in mind - which were answered either by me (Myzzrym, Community Lead), Zaz (Gameplay Director) or Archimat (Creative Director and CEO). Enjoy your read! ************ General Gameplay (#01 - #20)Party & Dialog (#21 - #33)Rules (#34 - #50)Campaign &...

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